For an introduction to our founding leadership team and Board of Directors, check out the “Our Team” page here!

Thank you to all who joined us for the recent D.C. Public Charter School Board public hearings! It has been wonderful to have so many Truth supporters with us to help demonstrate the need and demand for DC’s first public Montessori middle and high school!

You can view Truth’s Public Hearing testimony by clicking on the button below. The public comment in support of Truth begins at 1:01:39 and the leadership team is called up at 1:59:00.

Info sessions

Thank you to all who joined us for recent parent info sessions! More info sessions are being scheduled - please click on the button below to request or arrange a session:

Design Team Meeting

The founding Academic Design Team and Parent Design Team meet on a regular basis. Meetings are open to all interested stakeholders, and upcoming sessions are listed below. Please reach out directly by clicking on the red button at the bottom of the page if you’d like to contact us to find out more about how YOU can play an influential role in the design of The Sojourner Truth School!

Upcoming meetings:

  • ACADEMIC DESIGN TEAM: This team meets every other Wednesday, with a focus on curriculum design and instructional approach.

  • PARENT DESIGN TEAM: This team meets every other Thursday, with a focus on school policies, culture, and climate.

To express interest in joining one of the design teams or to schedule an open house info session, please submit a contact request.

Useful links:

Our official charter application was approved by the D.C. Public Charter School Board on May 20th, 2019. Please click a link below to view the application in its entirety (a very large file!) or by chapter:

  • The Sojourner Truth School full application (weblink only)

  • Truth’s application Introduction and Executive Summary (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Chapters A-D (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Chapter A: Establishing the Need (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Chapter B: Education Plan (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Chapter C: Management Plan (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Chapter D: Finance Plan (download) (weblink)

  • Truth’s application Appendix: works cited, curriculum samples, team member

    documents, letters of support, and more (weblink only)

Please continue to visit for regular updates regarding where we are in our planning process and our timeline for opening. If you have are interested in more information, please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter