Truth continues and extends the experiential style of teaching practiced within the District’s Montessori elementary schools, and makes it accessible to ALL students - regardless of Montessori experience.  

Dr. Montessori’s research on adolescents, as detailed in works such as From Childhood to Adulthood, inspires and informs us at Truth as we guide students to develop their academic skills and become skilled, peaceful, and powerful contributors to society.

Our approach is rooted in developmental psychology, and is designed to ensure that students’ personalized learning needs are met and that every student experiences continuous challenge.  Our methods promote decentralized, carefully structured classroom experiences that build our students’ independence, self-confidence, and academic skills.

About Us: Our Mission and Philosophy

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Students at the Truth School will graduate ready for success in college, career, and life. They will serve as active agents in the construction of peace. They will know who they are, what they want, and where they are going. They can walk into any space, find their place, and make a powerful contribution.

Our Approach to Learning and Community

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Truth’s teaching methods stimulate students’ natural curiosity about the world and provide a carefully constructed environment to ignite their natural drive to learn.  Students, teachers, and parents work together to make Truth a strong community of adults and teenagers who respect each other. We provide an opportunity to contribute to a real micro-economy by engaging directly in a hands-on work enterprise in middle school and then with off-site internships in high school.

Why Montessori for Middle and High School?

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  • Montessori philosophy designs its educational approach with the developmentally appropriate needs of the student in mind

  • Classrooms are student-centered and promote a sense of community