Frequently Asked Questions

How will students adjust to a Montessori school after being in a traditional school?

Truth seeks to not only provide continuity of programming for the District’s current Montessori students, but also to be an ideal option for students without prior Montessori experience who are seeking a high quality and personalized experience.  It is our firm belief that students can be successful at Truth regardless of their prior setting, and we are committed to preparing students for success in whatever their next step may be - whether traditional or progressive. Truth is poised to prepare all students for success on PARCC and in college, and even more importantly with the habits of success necessary to be independent, confident, and resourceful adults.

Will students have homework, textbooks, grades (report cards/progress reports)?

It is our belief at Truth that work should be meaningful, and that when students are given work just for the sake of it that it creates frustration and disinterest.  Students in the middle and high school at Truth will engage in rigorous, provocative, and meaningful work on a regular basis, and oftentimes they will need to contribute to this work outside of school hours. We will not, however, assign rote tasks just for the sake of it.

Units will be anchored in rich texts, and some of these - but not all - will come from textbooks.  Truth’s grading system will be competency-based, which means that students will receive grades based on their specific skill levels.  These grades will be translated into easily understood marks (such as A or C), and students will receive both progress reports and report cards that are easily understood and interpreted by parents, high schools, and colleges.

What will Truth offer to students who have been receiving foreign language training if they want to continue receiving it?

As a school that aims to provide a personalized experience, we are excited to find ways to offer specific language courses to interested students.  We plan to offer an array of languages in club or small-group settings starting in school year 2020-2021, and then Spanish as an elective for all by school year 2021-2022.

Will there be any clubs or extracurricular activities?

Yes!  We are excited to offer sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities!  We are setting these up now with various partner organizations, so please let us know directly if you are interested in a particular offering.

Will there be multiple ages in each class?

Content classes and small-group Pods will be comprised of primarily single-age groups.  In an effort to be as personalized as possible, we will always work with families to create the most appropriate setting possible to provide the right level of challenge and support for students, and so in some cases students may have the opportunity to take courses with higher-aged peers.  For community-building reasons, and in alignment with Montessori philosophy, we will also create opportunities for Pods to mix from time to time to allow younger students to learn from older students in a safe environment and for older students to serve as mentors and guides for younger students.

How many students will be in each class?

Content classes will typically have 20-23 students and Pods will have 12-13 students.

How long will the school day be?

The regular school day will begin at around 8:30am for students and end at around 3:30pm.  We will offer optional after-school activities.

Will there be a school uniform?

Truth will have a dress code but will not have a school uniform. 

Will there be after school activities?

We look forward to offering after-school activities in the forms of academic enrichment, sports, and clubs.  Please let us know directly if you have an interest in a specific activity.

Will there be traditional middle school programs (8th grade dance, promotion ceremony, etc)?

Yes!  We look forward to offering traditional programs and other activities that our students and families would like to participate in. 

How will Truth prep students for traditional tests ex. SAT, PARCC?

Truth’s curriculum will include compelling projects and a degree of student choice but will be grounded in a comprehensive framework of standards-based skills and content.  Truth’s Competency Framework has been carefully crosswalked with not only the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the C3 Social Studies Standards, but also the specific expectations of the PARCC exam.  Further, Truth students will engage in a college preparatory high school curriculum that prepares them for success on the SAT exam.

Is Truth’s curriculum aligned with DCPS?

Truth’s scope and sequence and unit development has been done in consultation with curriculum from DCPS and surrounding districts as well as best practices from secondary Montessori schools.  It has been created to intentionally cover all grade-level standards and skills covered each year in DCPS, but to do so in accordance with our Deep-Dive Learning approach. Please contact us directly if you would like specific unit samples or to meet for a personal review of the curriculum.