Truth designed the student experience with two key principles in mind:

  1. Students need to be prepared for life, not just for school.

  2. Each student’s identity, voice, perspectives, and choices matter.  

These principles lay the foundation for a typical day-in-the-life of a student at The Sojourner Truth School.

Middle School students at Truth start each day with hour-long content sessions in Humanities, STEM, and an elective (PE, art, music, or Spanish).  Units are presented in 5-week cycles, and students regularly engage in real-world, authentic projects that encourage not only content and skill mastery but also creativity and personal expression.  During our unit on rocketry, for example, students design and build their own unique rockets and launch them during trips to local parks. When we study the quadratic equation, students partner with a local business of their choice to determine the ideal price point to maximize a product’s profit. (Click here for more info on our Deep-Dive Project Cycle.)

After lunch, students meet with their mentor and a small group of 12 students.  This group will engage in a relationship- and community-building activity, and students will set personal goals and work with their mentor to create an individualized learning plan for the afternoon.  Students in need of an extension, such as the 6th grader that may be ready for Algebra, will get it during this block. The same student may need extra support in reading or English-language, and will receive that intervention during this block as well.  Classmates may be collaborating on projects or working individually on content modules. These afternoons are an opportunity for students to work in a small-group setting on whatever they need most, and to do so with the direct support of a mentor that stays with them over their entire middle school career

Once a week, during the afternoon block, students will leave the classroom and work directly in one of our on-campus enterprises.  One such enterprise will be our farm (or greenhouse), where students will cultivate crops that will be brought directly for public sale at one of the District’s local Farmers Markets. This enterprise work will provide opportunities for direct and meaningful links between classroom work and real-life tasks and promote entrepreneurship.


For more info regarding Truth’s after-school program or to request a particular after-school club, please email us at